Saturday, July 30, 2011

Draping & Flat Pattern Finals in progress

The summer classes at my college are coming to an end. Therefore, it's time for our final projects.

First, the final project for the flat pattern 1 class.
We have to make a dress with a natural waistline as we're using the bodice and skirt sloper (we've done the torso one, but it's to be used for flat pattern 2).

I wanted to make a dress without using a whole lot of fabric, so exit the circle skirt. I choose a straight one but wanted to play more, so I looked up for godet. That's how I ended up with my main inspiration: Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear Spring 2011 by Sarah Burton.
I also wanted a V-neck with a built-up collar, so when I found the advertisement in Bride magazine, I knew it was a hit!

So here are my sketches (the first ones!!! but ok, I did copy the body silhouette) with the plain gray (not so Alexander McQueen, I know... but so me!) fabric I'm using:

Flat pattern - McQueen inspired dress

Right now, I'm sewing it, so I should be done by Thursday.

For the draping class, we've been doing a soft bustier to try the Madame Grès technique for pleating. That's a lot of hand sewing! For the grade we just need to stitch a few rows so I will finish it after the end of class, as I'm pretty busy right now...
I'm happy because I adjusted the bustier size to mine. So I will be able to wear it!

Madame Gres Technique Bustier

Oh, and for the multi-colored grosgrain ribbon well... It will be fully covered, so I used some leftovers from my millinery class.

But wait, that's not the final.
So for draping the teacher made us pick an envelope.
Here is mine:

Draping Final Project

Isn't it a GREAT idea? I love it. Thank you Vi.
So now I have one week and half to sketch, go fabric shopping, drape, do the pattern and sew a dress Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester would wear for the MET Costume gala!
It would be so awesome if it could be for real...
Anyway, I hope I'll be able to come out with something she would actually wear. Maybe I can send it to her ;-)

So that's gonna be a hell of a week for me. I never had a big timed challenge, and now I have 2!

Stay tuned for the final pics'