Monday, July 18, 2011

Millinery class: Wide brim white sinamay hat with feathers

Here is my 7th and last hat made during my millinery class.
It's a wide brim white sinamay hat, trimmed with black sinamay and rooster feathers.

Sinamay hat with feathers

This hat has probably the biggest WOW factor among the 7 I made.

wide brim white hat

You can see the green shine of the black rooster feathers:

feather & sinamay, white and black

Here are some pictures during the construction: you can see the sinamay blocked on the wood blocks and the hand sewing for the sweatband.

Steps wide brim sinamay hat

Conclusion about my millinery class: I really loved making hats and I will continue to do so. I'm also thinking about taking millinery class again so I would work with felt...

So, among my 7 hats, which one is your favorite?