Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My draping class

I've been talking here and there about my sewing classes at the community college. I love that so much I'm following 2 classes this summer: flat pattern I and draping. As the time goes by pretty fast, we are starting our final projects! I'll sow you pictures of my work on finals in due time.

So here, I'm gonna show you what we've been working on in draping, but not before a short intro.
I took draping thinking it was the opposite of Flat pattern making. I thought I would directly drape the fabric on the mannequin to easily make a floaty chiffon or satin evening dress.
So you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered we actually had to work with muslin, in order to make a pattern!!! I though it was a waste of time when I could use a ready sloper from flat pattern!

But I finally like this class, and I now understand how you just can't do everything just by flat pattern or just by draping. I'm so glad I took both classes at the same time.

Here are the pictures of some draping I did in class: a bodice, a torso, a cowl neckline and a mandarin collar.


My new dream: to have a custom made professionnal mannequin!
So yes, I'm making a duck tape mannequin right now, But I'm not sure I like how it turns out!