Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dresses for my sister's wedding

Here a pic of her in her stunning dress with her dear darling:
robe de marié KiKou
Her dress was made after her taste and instructions as a all-year-long school project for a future seamstress in her last year of sewing high school. It's a dupioni or shantung silk (I have no idea how to recognize it, since in France we just call that "wild silk").
She really loved to be able to get such a nice customized wedding dress, and trying it on a few times during the process. She was so happy with it! And seriously, that's a steal...

For this wedding I made my youngest sister's dress and mine (the one for which I decided a year ago to start sewing).
You can see her (on the right) and me around the groom's bother:
robes soeurs de la mariée
Even though in France we're not used to have bridesmaid (so no all assorted bridesmaid dresses), we though it was nice for the pictures to have matching colors.

I did my young sister dress following her wills, without a proper pattern. I also made a matching cover up like the one already made for me: Vogue 8622. But she haven't had any use for it since it was warm enough.

My dress (on the left) is the McCall's 4460 pattern. I also made a matching Buttercup Bag Made By Rae which is a really nice free pattern.

But I will tell you more about all this sewing in upcoming posts.

Congrats to my sister for her wonderful wedding! I hope you'll live happily ever after ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vogue 8622 Evening wrap

Vogue 8622

To match my bluish-black evening dress, I made Vogue 7161 evening wrap. Since I was afraid the color was too much of a "look at me" style, I decided to make a classy one and choose this Vogue 8622 View C.

evening wrap Vogue 8622

I used a black polyester chiffon.

I love the french seams finish!
When I bought the pattern, I was afraid how seams will look since I don't have a serger. But french seams are fantastic: you just need a regular sewing machine, with straight stitch. And it looks so nice and neat.

You just have to pay attention to start with wrong sides together.
By the way, I made a mistake when making the lower sleeves seam: I haven't noticed how they wanted to put it...
They should be shorter because they should be fold toward the top of the sleeve.
But I finally like how it looks, and this avoid me some hand sewing.

evening wrap Vogue 8622And look around my neck: it's a home-made beads necklace!

A view of the back, with my evening dress:

Neck and bottom pleats were king of annoying to make because of the slippery chiffon.

I like how neck pleats look, but I'm less convinced by the bottom ones.

Here, another picture of the back, over a white top. This way, you can clearly see some french seam.
evening wrap Vogue 8622

I enjoyed sewing it and I love the look, I might wait to find a silk chiffon to do it again.