Monday, July 25, 2011

I received my fabric order

Last Wednesday, it was Christmas in July: I received my fabric order from!

As you can see, I'm really fond of plain and neutral colors:
fabric order

I already have some plans for some fabrics:
- The gray one on the top left corner is for my pattern making class. I will make an Alexander McQueen inspired dress out of it, if I don't change my mind for the pattern or fabric...
If I have enough leftover I will also make a jacket
- The 3 fabrics on the top right corner are for a skirt and 2 tops. I have the whole projet in my mind, but it might take a while before I start. But I could show you the sketches I made.
- The dotted yellowish cotton on the bottom left will be dyed. I will probably use that for some tops, tunics....
- Since ran out of the wine colored organza I ordered (6 yards!), they offered my the black netting and the white/gray/black print. I love the print and the hand of this fabric (cotton?) is awesome! That was a great surprise, as I discovered this fabric whil opening the box.
- I plan to use the pink chiffon as lining for a black lace dress. But I still need to find a nice lace!
- And the blue fabric, well... I have no idea!

I went more printed and colorful for the cotton prints:

fabric order

I plan to use those, with some plain colored fabrics, for handbags or accessories.

I guess now I just have to start sewing again!