Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flat Pattern 1, Final project

Finally the classes are done and I have some free time. So here is my final project.
The goal was to use a basic sloper size 8 and modify it to get the design we wanted. You can see my inspirations on the previous post.

Flat pattern final project

I'm not fond of the front look, but I think it's mainly because the mannequin has a cup size way smaller than the sloper...

Beside that, if I had to redo it I would:
- use a heavier fusible interfacing so the collar would stand better
- use a stiffer fabric, this one was really annoying to press (it was becoming clumsy as soon as it was warmed under the iron)
- I would make the set-in collar a bit higher
- I would like the back opening wider and larger, much like the sketch.

But yes, I'm not easily happy with what I'm making. The good point though is I did everything from start to finish for the first time: I started with the sketch, then making the pattern to finally sewing it.

Here are some other students dresses:

Flat pattern class other students designs

Nice, isn't it?