Monday, February 7, 2011

Military Jacket Simplicity 2508

I'm proud to show you my last sewing: a military Jacket Simplicity 2508

veste simplicity 2508

I finished it right on time for the winter storm over US. I'm usually wearing crapy fleece and windstopper during winter, so I feel so chic in this jacket! And, as it's made out of wool, it really keep me warm. I have to say the 4 layers of fabric on the front can only help!

A better view to see the seams:

veste militaire

NB: The sleeves are now a little longer than the picture thanks to the addition of 2 inches (5cm) of lining. They also look better, more straight (not the bulky look they have on this picture).

The back:
I think it looks great even though I did not put any interfacing there (I never do things I do not understand...)

veste en laine manches raglan

I had to remove up to 2 inches of fabric on the width of each side back piece, between the belt and top seam to have a better fitting and no wrinkle under arm.

And finally, the lining.
Well, I did not mark my fabric (the chalk wasn't good on that fabric, and I'm growing lazy), so I tough the lenght was too big and cut nearly an inches, thinking it was the right thing to do to make a nice hem. It was a mistake. So I think I now understand how to sew the lining, but it was too late to do that properly on ths jacket. You can see what I've done to correct that!

veste simplicity 2508 bouton

Aren't my buttons cute?