Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Night Out

As you might know, September 8th was the Fashion Night Out.

So with DH, a friend from school and another couple of friends we decided to go to the Galleria. Here, in Houston, the Galleria is THE shopping experience. You can find anything from Zara to Dior. They have a whole lot of boutiques and shopping superstores like Nordstrom and Macy's.

For the Fashion Night Out, they had DJ in the common area with complimentary drinks. Many shops offered drinks as well and sometimes lite bites.

We figured it should be the perfect evening to dare enter all the designer boutiques. That's why we went there instead of following NY or Paris Fashion Night Out online.

So for the music and drinks, all was perfect. That's just so nice to hang around designer clothes, and champagne glass in one hand. And everyone dressed up for the event. It was as interesting to look at the stores as to look at people. I loved it.

I was kinda of deceived by the lack of people who dare to enter the high end boutiques. On some of them, we were the only clients!
If I got really disappointed with Dior, all the others exceded my expectations: security and sellers were nice and they were offering champagne glasses and sometimes food.
My fav' was Yves Saint Laurent because they offered macarons coming right from NY and they made me try on something I'd die for! I'm sad I could find it online, at least to post a picture of it here. I'm not even able to describe it...

And at the end of the evening, there was a runway show with fall trends:

The runway ended with a whole lots of women coming up the stage and dancing on Party Rock Anthem from LMFAO. I loved it:

And yes, I dressed up for the event:

Please, be kind to me as that's my 1st step in the fashion world!
I wasn't that bad with the high heels and skinny belt, wasn't I?

I really loved looking at all the designer clothes with my friend from class. We basically checked silhouettes, colors, materials, dart, finishings... of every garment!
And looking at the people and runway with husband and friends was really nice. I'm definitely going back next year!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My 1st dye!

For my next dress I choose a Vogue pattern from Guy Laroche. And I indulged myself with an order of silk chiffon and china silk.

But 'cause it's cheaper, allow me to have the exact same color for the lining and it was time for me to experiment I ordered it natural, with some dye.

So here comes my first dying!

dyeing silk

I'm happy with the results as it's even. I was really worried about that!
I'm not sure the color is what it should have been though (Navy Blue). The color is actually brighter than the picture. I had no way to weight my fabric, so I not sure I used enough dye... But I like the color I got. That should look gorgeous with my new shoes.

I now have to work on the pattern because the review for this pattern are pretty bad. So, I'm gonna drape it... on my unfinished duck tape dress form!