Thursday, May 26, 2011

Japanese linen jacket

Last year I was crazy for the japanese sewing books. Even though Japanese writing is for me some kind of nice little drawings, these books have enough pictures for the steps to understand them. I bought 7 of them.
Unfortunately, most of the time the pictures are somewhat too old-fashioned for me. So I need to go to this french website to come up with ideas. I see what people have done with the pattern.
But in this book, I found one jacket I wanted exactly like the photo:

JCA Livre 200
Book: Happy Homemade, volume 1
ISBN: 9784579112425
pattern J

So here it is, in a nice blue linen:
Happy homemade vol.1

I've been doing a japanese size 9 for an american size 8. And I'm happy with the nice french seams I have done (I think that's now my fav' seam).

JCA 200-J

And I loooove it!

I'd like a black one in a thinner fabric (I've already seen a "country cotton" in JoAnn's)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls Only (2)

This time, it's a tampons pouch. You can fit 5 of them inside (I forgot to take a picture with tampons in).
tampons pouch
I added a ribbon for the look and convenience: it's easier to find in the bag and you can attach it.
This one was a gift for my youngest sister.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Only

Can you guess what's that?

Girls Only feminine pads pouch

That's a feminine pads pouch. You can put up to 4 pads in it:

pads pouch

I sewed that as a gift for my sister KiKou.
It's really convenient as you can keep that in your handbag without any risk of having anybody guessing what's inside!
Here the pictures of the back:

feminine pouch

I love the fabrics (from JoAnn's) I used.
I even did the bias strip myself. It was new for me!

homemade bias