Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Millinery class: Black sinamay hat

Among the 7 hats I made for the class, here is my favorite:

Black Sinamay hat

I just love it! I would actually wear it wear it a little more forward.

I used black sinamay and satin for the trimmings.

Black Ceremony hat

Here a picture at the Spring Fashion show at my college:

Millinery sinamay satin hat

The steps:

Millinery black hat

For the class, we didn't have to make sinamay hat. Actually, the 5 hats I made before were enough. But the teacher was nice and since I wanted to play with sinamay, she explained to me how to do that.
I'm now a huge fan of sinamay. I love how you start with a simple bolt of sinamay "fabric" and you end up with a hat. And the possibilities are endless.

I know it doesn't look like it by the pictures, but you need quite a lot of time to make a hat. For each step, you have a whole lot of had sewing (my fingers hurt just by thinking about that...). But the final product definitely worth it!

I love it, but to wear it I still need:
1) To sew in an elastic
2) An event!!!

Hope you like it too!