Saturday, June 11, 2011

My first sewing class

I went back to school during the spring semester to follow a Ready-to-Wear Construction class at the community college (I will never thanks enough the US for that!).

During this class, we had to make 3 garments with a given pattern, size 8. We were only free to choose the fabric, as long as it was a natural fiber (and we all went for cotton as it's the cheap for training) and it had no line or motifs we had to match.
That's not much of a freedom, but hey, that's the beginner class!

See how awesome is the classroom:

Sewing Classroom

We first had to train for using the industrial sewing machines (at first, that's just SO fast): being able to find the right speed, following lines and curves, threading them properly and so on

We were ready to start our first garment: a straight skirt.
We all learned plenty of stuff and among them how to use a serger, to do darts and to insert properly a zipper. I was so proud of me!

Black skirt class
Yeah, I should have iron it before taking pictures, but I was lazy this day...

The second garment was a Dolman jacket.
I think this pattern is somehow crapy as there are plenty of pleats around the sleeves. But still, I learned how to do the collar.

Dolman Jacket Class

The third garment was a dress.
I had a hard time with this zipper (inserted differently than the skirt one) and the sleeves. I was really surprised that you actually have to gather the sleeves to have non-gathered ones!

Dress Class

Grazie mille Vale for being my model during the photo shoot!
It was really fun...