Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Japanese top

A friend of mine challenged me.
We both had to sew our own top with the pattern 5 from the Japanese book:

"Otona No Couture One Piece Smoke Blouse"
(ISBN : 9784579111497)

I choose an American-inspired cotton voile from JoAnn:

Defi JCA Livre 5

So here it is:

JCA livre 5

I made quite a lot of changes. I didn't wanted it to make me look pregnant, so I had to remove fabric from the "skirt" part. As I wanted it prettily fitted, I added an elastic on the back. I also made it sleeveless and added some gathers, so the neckline is now different from the pattern.

Otona Blouse

Sneak pics on the details:

JCA details

Even though I loved the fabric when I bought it, I later though it was too much of a busy print for me to like wearing it. But I finally like it, and was wearing it on Memorial Day...

Oh, and for the challenge I needed an accessory. Here is the headband I made:

JCA Accessoire