Monday, June 13, 2011

Millinery class: my beret

During the spring semester, I took not only a sewing class at the community college, but also a millinery one. I really enjoyed this class.
I've always loved trying on hats, even though I'm too shy to actually wear them.

I made 7 hats there and I'm gonna present you all of them.
So let's start today with the first one we made: a shirred beret.

Millinery beret

I cut this dress to make the beret.
I lined it and put some Buckram to make the band around the head stiff enough. I sewed in a sweatband. For the bow I used lace and satin.

Even though I wasn't really thrilled by the idea of sewing a beret (not really what I expected from a millinery class and... being french, that's too much of a cliché!), I like the outcome.

Unfortunately this shape doesn't do me any favor...
On the other hand, it looks really cut on one of my friend. So now it's hers!