Monday, January 16, 2012

Capri pants & Bolero jacket

For the class I love to call "sewing 2", after the shorts we had to make capri pants.
I decided to use a plaid fabric I bought at the school fabric sale.
Since I didn't like the cut of the previously made short (it was ridiculously big for a size 8 and the waist was sooo high!), I changed this one. I lowered the waist under the natural waist, made it smaller and adjusted it for me.

Capri Pants

It fits me perfectly. I'm so proud for that! It wasn't that easy and matching the plaid at the same time was kind of a pain in the a**. Well, that was the 1st time, so I guess I had to expect it, but I love challenges!
I love it and my colleagues even told me it looks like a Vivienne Westwood piece (yeah, plaid....)

The bolero jacket was for the same class. It's fully lined. I used a linen I dyed - yes, again trying to dye in black and I'm getting better!

Bolero jacket

It doesn't look bad with the capri pants, but it's boring. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna wear that... and my friends know I love boring clothes!