Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first short

After a month without any post, it's about time to show you what I've been doing for my classes.

Let start with the 1st garment made for "fashion Design". It's a lined short (aka hot pants).


The teacher gave us the pattern and had to add some trimming. As you can see, I got inspired by the military/navy..

I like it. Even more with a red or white top and high heels. But... It's not my size *sigh*
I have a safety pin in this pic, or it would look like it's a really low waisted, baggy short!

Oh, and the lining if playful: that's a black red and white dotted fabric.

I'm trying to find motivation for posting everything before Xmas, so here is a list or what I still have to show you.
For Design Construction:

- a capri pant
- pants
- a bolero jacket
- a biais top (working on it right now)
- a peplum jacket (the next and final project)
For knitwear:
- a legging
- a turtleneck top
- a 2 pieces swimsuit (Have to redo the top)
- a 1 pice swimsuit (to be finished)
- a dress (final project - will probably start next week)

Oh I have to show you the pictures of my up-cycled gown!