Friday, December 2, 2011

One piece swimsuit

I wanted to post everything I've been doing this semester in the order I sew them. But, well... I'm procrastinating a lot and I still haven't taken the pictures. So I figure it's better if I just post what I already have.
So here is the one piece swimsuit for my knitwear class. It's actually my second swimsuit, but you'll have to wait to see the other one.

one piece swimsuit

The teacher gave us a pattern but it was too vintage for my taste. I changed it so it shows more legs (it was almost like a short...)

Side view:
side swimsuit

Speaking of legs, I really had a hard time with the tension.
So let me explain that a bit more. Dealing with knitwear is usually pretty easy as long as you use a serger (sorry, a merrow machine). But when you have to add an elastic (and I'm not speaking here of elastic thread), you have to play with the tension of it. Meaning, you have to pull more or less on it to achieve the perfect tension.
This can be done just by hand, but it needs some training to get it just right, or with a tensioner. This thing is supposed to help as it regulate the tension but well, that's actually pretty crappy as it sometimes decides to do whatever it wants. So you end up with something all wrong. That's how, one leg was perfect and I add to redo the other one 4 times! It was starting to be annoying!

back swimsuit

But veni, vidi, vici. I'm now done with it.

Well, I guess I need to spend time just learning to do that by hand, without tensioner. But I will need a break with swimsuit. Which is perfect 'cause... it's winter!
Even if it did annoy me, I will do more swimsuits later. But I'm more into 2 pieces.