Friday, September 17, 2010

McCall 4460 dress

As promised, I'm gonna give you more details about the dress I was wearing for my sister's wedding.
It's the McCall's 4460 pattern, view B without shoulder strap.

I wanted a photo shot with the photograph on the wedding day to have nice pics of the dress to show you. But I was so busy on this day I totally forget.
So I just have the pictures I made for the Pattern Review contest (excepted for the one you've already seen two posts before, about the wedding day).

McCall 4460 wedding dress

I used a beige Dupioni silk from and brown netting and polyester satin from JoAnn. Plus lining (polyester China silk) and underlining (organza).
I'm a little ashamed to tell you I bought Polyester fabric from JoAnn to go with silk for my sister of the bride dress (I'm blushing right now!). But I feel more confident with cheap fabrics (I was anxious to start cutting the silk!) and it makes more sens for me if I can't find nice rtw dresses for less than what I've done...
JoAnn is also the closest fabric store and you can see what you're buying (in comparison with online shops)
Maybe I'll use more natural fabrics when I will feel more confident about my sewing skills... maybe not!

Nevertheless I think my dress looks nice and maybe also expensive (?).

Here is the back view, which would have looked way better with an invisible zipper. Actually, the zipper used is an invisible one, but not knowing how to sew it on, I've sewed it as a regular one :-/

back zipper McCall 4460

And a close up of the princess seamed bodice. I'm proud of it because I spent so much time trying to make it fit properly!

Bodice pattern McCall 4460

If I had to redo it, I would:

- Use the piece of pattern I had to draw for the bodice instead of the one given (See my Pattern Review comment for that)

- Sew the invisible zipper as an invisible one. I'm now able to do so, thanks to the so nice and talented Re Becca (go to see her blog and all her pattern reviews on PR). That's so easier and nicer to make it this way than what I did! I still have to practice the bottom part, but thank you so much Becca!

- Use a cotton fabric to line the dress instead of the polyester china silk I used. Polyester was such a bad choice for this close fitting bodice to be wear in a hot summer day...

If you want more informations and pics about this pattern, go check my review on PR:
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