Monday, June 7, 2010

Vogue 7161 Evening wrap

Vogue 7161

I made the evening wrap Vogue 7161 from Elizabeth Gillet view A, to match a dress for a wedding.

I used two polyesters silk shantung from JoAnn's.

Etole Vogue 7161

It was really easy to make and the good point is it stay in place alone!
I would say the bad point is the fusible interfacing. The pattern doesn't tell you on which side ironing it (I put it on the clearest one). And I think it makes the wrap a little weird even if it help keeping the shape.
Next time I would try without fusible interfacing or with a double sided fusible interfacing.

Etole Vogue 7161 arrierepattern wrap Vogue 7161 Elizabeth Gillet