Monday, May 24, 2010

McCall 5913 Coat

Veste Coat McCall 5913

I made this McCall's 5913 "coat" before Christmas. I first wanted to make it as a comfy fleece for home. So I made the view C, long with a sash.

It turned out so nice, I finally wore it for going out.

veste cape 5913 Coat

It was really easy to make (no lining). This was my second sewing project and the most difficult part was the buttonholes. For my (old) machine, you have to add a buttonholer which is impressive. After giving a few tries, I manage to understand how it works, and it's pretty easy. And they look so great!

veste boutonniere buttonhole

I hightly recommend it and will definitively sew it again next winter in a coat fabric, but a little longer and with lower holes for the sash.

Coat McCall 5913