Friday, February 12, 2010

Reversible toiletry bag

I decided to make a reversible toiletry bag as Christmas gift for my youngest sister, because she needed to change hers but didn't manage to find one as nice as the old one.

Okay, you can find a lot of toiletry bags, but what about one big enough to put inside some big products, soft enough to gain space in a luggage, and with an opening big enough to find easily anything inside it?
She loves the old one for all these advantages, so I decide to copy it in a nice fabric.

I asked my parents and her boyfriend to measure the bag. I sent an email to her asking a lot of questions, and learned this way she loves fabrics with lines or modern drawings, but with a limited number of colors. And I knew her bathroom was blue.

Pieces trousse toilette

After spending way too much time in the fabric store, I came back at home with two wonderful fabrics (the one with lines is an Amy Butler cotton). Since I wasn't able to decide which one will end up inside, I decide to make a reversible bag. This way, my sister would be able to choose her favorite one.

trousse reversible

I had a hard time sewing the round parts, and the fabric parts between the two ends of the zipper. I was pleased with the result, even if I'm not sure I will make again a REVERSIBLE toiletry bag...

detail zipper toileteries

A few more pics to compensate all my pain! ;-)

reversible toiletry bag