Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comfy fleece poncho

Since my youngest sister is spending her first winter in her own apartment, I wanted for Christmas a gift able to warm her up.

When you think about winter, cold, cloudy, wind... what are you dreaming of?
Me, I imagine myself in a log cabin, seating in front of the fireplace, rolled in a blanket, drinking a hot chocolate.

But we all live in apartments without fireplace, so I opted for a comfy fleece poncho.

poncho polaire fleece

It's super easy to make. you need:
- a piece of fleece (I used an IKEA throw)
- scissors
You make a hole for the head, and it's done!

Yes, you right, I add some things because I thought it wasn't fancy enough. So I 've underlined the collar with a heavy black thread, and add a black fleece pocket to keep her hands warm for lazy TV evenings.

On the picture, you can see it needs a good ironing because I wrap it before carrying it in my luggage...