Monday, June 25, 2012

Peplum Jacket & Pants

For the same class, we had to sew fully lined pants.
I used a fabric bought at the school fabric sale. The multicolor print reminded me of a Chanel fabric. It was given by a handbag designer and is backed with a very heavy and stiff black cotton. Nevertheless, I thought the print was really interesting for pants.
To break this busy print, I decided to put 4 black & gold metal zipper in the front. I love how it makes these pants look modern.
Since the last project for this class was to make a peplum jacket, I just went ahead and used the same fabric, so I could have a coordinate business attire.
Here how it all turned out.

I know peplum are right in trend, but I still see then as kind of old fashion. So I wanted to add a twist to it. I played with the sleeves to achieve this more modern and edgy look. I designed cap sleeves which I sew into the princess lines of the sleeveless jacket. I love how it turned out.
Here some close-up and a pic of the back:

I'm truly happy with the final look, even though this fabric is definitely too stiff ans yes, I'm still not fully happy with my finishing...

Here is my design worn by Tiffany for the school Christmas fashion show:

Isn't she super elegante with this black turtleneck underneath?
Oh yeah, and on this last pic, the sleeves are not finished: the armhole needed to be cut and the bias tape applyed. So it's kind of too small and give this bulky look next to the armholes...

Anyway, I was so excited to get to see my clothes worn! It so worth all the work you put in them!