Sunday, September 4, 2011

My 1st dye!

For my next dress I choose a Vogue pattern from Guy Laroche. And I indulged myself with an order of silk chiffon and china silk.

But 'cause it's cheaper, allow me to have the exact same color for the lining and it was time for me to experiment I ordered it natural, with some dye.

So here comes my first dying!

dyeing silk

I'm happy with the results as it's even. I was really worried about that!
I'm not sure the color is what it should have been though (Navy Blue). The color is actually brighter than the picture. I had no way to weight my fabric, so I not sure I used enough dye... But I like the color I got. That should look gorgeous with my new shoes.

I now have to work on the pattern because the review for this pattern are pretty bad. So, I'm gonna drape it... on my unfinished duck tape dress form!