Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simplicity 3503 Dress/Pool Cover-Up

I wanted to try this Simplicity 3503 pattern view B and thought a pool cover-up would be an easy go.
I used some cheap fabric from High Fashion Fabric (Houston fabric shop). I think it's a two way stretch fabric for lining swimwear. A long time ago I bought it thinking of all the swimsuits I wanted to do, but I discovered later I would need four way stretch. So this dress allowed me to make some space in my stash.

Simplicity 3503 view B

I made it simpler than the original by suppressing the lining for the belt and the tie in the back. I just wanted it really fast to sew to wear it as soon as possible. And since it was just a cover-up I wasn't too stressed by the finish.
I made a size 10 as I thought I was, without taking my measurements (I don't think I'm able to take them properly anyway). But I finally had to remove 1 or 2 inches on each size for the top part until the belt.
Simplicity 3503 dress

And after hesitating I made it quite short (way shorter than the pattern), as I though it was a great length for a cover-up. I should probably have add 2 inches.
I like the look even though the fabric is too bright. I would prefer it in a cotton knit fabric.
And the bell lining would have been nicer because you can see thru the white fabric.
And one mistake: I sewed the belt with straight stitch. It makes it difficult to enter. So next time I will probably try the stitch I used for the hem:
Simplicity 3503 cover up
I want to do it again, but I definitely need to make the top part tighter! I'm thinking about making a dress to go with my boots.